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About Us

Hockey Families,

     My name is Michael Nodler, and I am born and raised in "Hockey Town". Hockey has been and important part in my life from the age of 4yrs old. I can confidently say that it is "in my blood". I played AAA hockey in the Detroit area all the way up through Midget hockey, then moved into Junior A hockey where I played for Compuware Jr. A, NAHL and Bloomfield Jets Jr. A, NAHL. I have been coaching AAA hockey at various levels for the past 20 years.

     For 30 years I had been fortunate enough to be a head instructor at The Turcotte Stickhandling Hockey School. There I was trained and learned under the tutelage of the legendary stickhandling instructor Real Turcotte. Over the years I have seen first-hand the benefits that learning and improving stickhandling, has had on countless numbers of players. As an educator and person with an extreme passion for hockey, it is my desire to continue to teach and develop players of all ages and abilities, the skill of stickhandling.

     At our school we will follow a 4-step approach to teach a variety of moves. First, we will teach the move (mechanics &

situations to use). Second moves will be demonstrated. Third players will execute the moves. And Fourth, any necessary corrections will be made.

  •   Two Hour Session

  •   Moves and Mechanics

  •   Quality Instruction

  •   Repetitions

  •   Small Area Games

  •   Tennis Ball Hockey (always a fan favorite

  •   4v4 focusing on execution of moves learned

Benefits of Improved Stickhandling

  •   Improved Confidence with the puck

  •   Increased Creativity

  •   Increased Ice Awareness

  •   Improve ability to create time and space

  •   Understand time and place of execution of moves

  •   Increase overall love and enjoyment of the GAME!!!


Michael Nodler


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