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My wife has been enrolling my 11-year old in summer hockey camps since he was about 7. I attend each one & observe. By Far.......THIS camp has been the most impactful camp for my son. This camp simply stands out in terms of how it is ran & organized. The drills are next level & clearly purposeful. I will say that this camp 100% has been worth my money, seeing noticeable impact on my son's stickhandling skills just a day into it. By the end of it, he looked like a different player. These particular coaches/instructors make all the difference. 5 Stars!


"Coach Nodler is the best!  He and his staff are so great with the kids and the training is phenomenal.  Not your run-of-the-mill summer hockey camp!  Thanks, Coach Nodler, for helping my boys become better hockey players while having fun at camp."

Christine (Parent)

"I cannot say enough positive things about the Nodler Stickhandling Camp. This camp was organized very well to provide a great structure to the week that kept the kids working hard and having fun. The instructors took their time working with the kids and made sure each skater understood the drills until they became proficient.  Not only does this camp focus on stickhandling, it helps kids work on their edges and skating with their head up. Throughout the week my son became more confident with the puck and learned skills that will translate into next season. I would recommend this camp to all skaters from all age groups and skill sets. My son is already talking about attending next summer."

Nick (Parent)

"I have two boys (9 and 8 yr old) attending the camp twice this summer.  Both of them loved it and learned/improved their stickhandling skill sets.  We for sure will attend more future camps!"


"Our Mite hated to practice stickhandling.  We enrolled him into the summer camp hoping to see improvement and we were not disappointed.  Not only did we see a huge improvement after the first day, my son LOVED the classes. Every morning he was excited to go.  He loved the coaches, what he was learning and making friends.  We saw a huge improvement after the first class and he was excited to go home and practice more.  We definitely recommend Nodler Stickhandling and can't wait to enroll in more classes.  Thank you for teaching my mite useful skills and encouraging him to always do is best."


Nodler Stickhandling camp is a great camp. Drills were ran very smoothly and fast. My 9 years old attended this camp, both his stickhandling and speed were much improved. He loves this camp a lot and is proud that he can use the stickhandling skills he learned here in his games.


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